Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not That There's Anything Wrong With It

We've seen Crocodile Dundee so we know that generally Aussie men are akin to the American cowboys of the wild west. The likes of Jessie Spencer, Hugh Jackman, that guy on The Mentalist, and even Heath Ledger (what, is it to soon?) make us wonder every now and again but we shrug it off because they always hang out with hot chicks.

Then the fine folks at Reuters reported on a survey that found Aussie men are more likely to drink champagne than beer and talk fashion and hair over football (seriously, hair?).
CANBERRA (Reuters Life!) - The survey found 75 percent of Aussie men were more likely to bring champagne and a cheese platter to a barbeque, rather than the traditional box of beer and raw meat for cooking.

One-in-two men also now favored yoga or pilates exercises to football and cricket at the weekend, the survey of 500 men for boutique brewing company Barons found on Tuesday.

"Many single women are crying out that its almost impossible to find a real man," Barons Chief Executive Scott Garnett said.
FYI Australia - the metrosexual thing is out. Not that "out" we mean no longer trendy.

We need a Foster's right about now.

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