Tuesday, December 9, 2008

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Proving that our blog is at least as insignificant as all the others.

Running for Rhinos: Describing the Progress Training to Run the London Marathon 2009 to Raise Money for Save the Rhino International.
How many kilometers is in a marathon? Nevermind, we're not running it regardless of what happens to the rhinos.

Aloware Corporation: Disenado por louis
Looks like some sort of corporate partnership between Apple and Google - you know, because they don't own enough of the Internet already.

Israel is Real
Dispelling the myth that Israel is fake.

Hoy Libro!
Aye Carumba

A "Far Out" Westerly View: The Musings of A Conservative Mind Plus Rants, Raves and Accolades
You might think we found the real life Steven Colbert but it's not much more than a family blog with suspect spelling (see post - "will tomorrow every come").

Vincit Omnia Veritas
Seeking to fill the void in life by blogging (seriously, we're not making that up)

Learning to Live Love: An Expression of My Journey of Learning What it Means to Live Love
Oh, puke.

Planet of the Kates
Ripping off a crappy movie for your blog title. Kate does apparently own a giant size old school Nintendo controller so we give a slight tip of the hat.

Wow Online Strategy Vault: Wow Strategies for Dominating World of Warcraft
We'd rather go back to Learning to Live Love. And we just got the "WOW" acronym.

I am Not Like Everybody Else: Andrea Orciari
Yes you are.

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