Saturday, February 21, 2009

When in Rome...

We've been in Italy the past couple of weeks playing tourist, exchanging nuptuals, and...drinking beer. Fortunately, 3 of our 4 readers were in Italy so it's unlikely anybody noticed the lack of posts. Since we walked just about every city block of both Roma and Firenze we figured we burned enough calories to drink up both wines and beers of Italy (we did not, however, find ourselves in the home of Italian friends at 5am).

L' Olmaia - left outside our honeymoon suite by a little angel (or two), this brew can easily be mistaken for a wine because it comes in a very wine-like bottle and both labels are in Italian. If you don't speak Italian it might take a few minutes of label investigation to figure out it's a beer. We are hear to say it's a beer - and a good one. It pours a nice, cloudy amber with a thick caramel-to-eggwhite head on top (the head dies fast though). Coming from Siena, you would expect the somewhat fruity flavor and will remind you of a weak IPA. It has a dry, clean finish. Don't worry about the size of the bottle because you will drink it all in one sitting.

G. Menebrea e Figli - 150th Anniversery Amber. GMF did just fine for their anniversery brew and we know because we sampled a lot of it. It pours amber like the L'Olmaia but GMF is very clear. The head is big and white. Also like the L'Omaia it's a bit fruity to the taste but GMF is more complicated overall. There is no dryness to GMF at the finish but you will go back for more.

Nastro Azzuro - It tastes like it sounds. One fellow traveler aptly called it the Miller Lite of Italian brews.

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