Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Drinking at the Game

Team Marketing Report released it's annual Fan Cost Index, which ranks all 30 Major League Baseball teams on the costs of going to the ballpark. You will be surprised to find us focused on column four - the cost of beer. We break it down based on obvious rivalries.

Boston Red Sox - $7.25
New York Yankees - $6.00

Chicago Cubs - $6.00
Chicago White Sox - $6.50

Washington Nationals - $6.00
Pittsburgh Pirates - $4.75

The last pairing is less about rivalry and more about how much these fans must pay to forget they're watching baseball in either stadium. (In the spirit of full disclosure, we support the Nats despite the mess they put on the field.) The most expensive place to get a beer ($8.75) is AT&T Park, home to the San Fransisco Giants. Cheapest beer honor goes to the Arizona Diamondbacks at just $4.00.


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