Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day Tripping at Troegs

If you have 90 minutes to kill in Harrisburg, PA there are a few options at your disposal. You could: 1) tour the beautiful Capitol building, 3) shop and dine in the quaint downtown, or 3) visit Troegs Brewery.

Such was our dilemma today and it should surprise nobody that we decided to visit one of the finest breweries in the mid-Atlantic region. Never high on drinking alone we were joined by our old friend "naked man brewing" (for the record Troegs requires full clothing for all visitors). We spent the bulk of our time roaming the gift shop and tasting room while enjoying the samplers platter of 7 Troegs brews. You can hang out in the bar area for food, drink (by food we mean frozen pizza - if you're lucky they will cook it for you), and good conversation.

If you need to walk about, head over to the gift shop to collect your wares. They have t-shirts, hats, stickers, and belt buckles. Yes, big Troegs belt buckles that are only missing one thing - an attached bottle opener.

The folks were quite friendly. Most importantly, they kept us happy by pouring brews. However, when it was time to leave the staff spent several minutes taking our feedback and answering questions about upcoming products. We were really struck by the small batch soaking in oak barrels that's soon to be released. Unfortunately, it will be hard to come by if you can't make it to the brewery.

One Regret: Today was not a brewing or bottling day. Well, our late arrival makes it likely that they brewed or bottled earlier in the day. The brew house and Gift shop/Tasting Room areas are separated by wide, tall glass windows. If we had better timing we could have watched the Troegers brew their magic. Apparently we have a reason to take another trip to the Pennsylvania state capital.

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