Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Scent of a Woman

Blue Marble Energy, based in Seattle, Washington, is creating perhaps the world's first beer perfume. Actually, they're not even using beer. BME is using the waste product that comes from making beer. EOS is being created by BME in conjunction with Seattle's Sweet Anthem. The EOS line is available for Her and Unisex. "Both are petrochemical-free, containing only bioderived and organic materials", and carbon neutral.

As the story goes, "James Stephens of Blue Marble Energy says the product is a viscous sludge - a mixture of about 50,000 different kinds of bacteria." This sounds a lot like the type of "perfume" any woman can get free of charge at a college pub crowded with underage men spilling beer while shamelessly trying to "hit that". Surely the average college student has 50,000 kinds of bacteria, particularly fraternity brothers. You know, the scent that makes women shower when they get home from the bars at 3am.

If you're a chump you can buy it here or you can simply send us $30 (cash only please) and we'll send you a 12 ounce bottle of skunked beer.

For giggles we bring you this not un-related homage to perfume:

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