Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby's First Words

We here at Dumbarton's Beer span the globe for cutting edge news stories. Today we bring you a report from the widely respected Thaindian News, whose recent coverage of the Tiger Woods debacle and the death of Kannada Superstar, Vishnuvardhan (freakin' Kannadians) should be worthy of the Thai equivalent to the Peabody.

According to our friends at the Thaindian News, beer is one of the first words uttered by infants when they learn to speak. Sure, any kid can stumble out a "momma" or "daddy" but how many are out there asking for a beer? Other words commonly first spoken by kids: cat and Hoover. No word on whether the reference is to the vacuum cleaner or the dam.

RIP Vishnuvardhan.

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