Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Time and the Drinkin's Easy

Let's be honest in this post.  We purchased Lagunitas A Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale strictly because of our shameless affinity for pinup girls.  This is not the first time we've come across Lagunitas but it is the first time we've come across it in our local grocer's beer aisle.  Which, by the way, has been painfully boring of late.  So, in the end it was part curiosity, part physical attraction, part falling for the new girl in school, and part thirst.

It's been a painfully brutal summer here.  The kind that makes you want to skip the month of August.  We've been surviving the heat wave with equal parts bitching & moaning and Dale's Pale Ale.  You know how it goes - too much of a good thing.  Sumpin' Sumpin' is going to get us through what will surely be the roughest part of this already intolerable summer.  And really, isn't it fun to say "A little sumpin' sumpin'"?  Go ahead, try it.

Sumpin' Sumpin' is a clear, golden, wheat ale that just looks crisp in the glass (how Bud looks in their commercials and how you wish it looked in real life).  As you can see, the head is white and fluffy like a soft pillow.  The aroma is flowery, hoppy.  Sumpin' Sumpin' tastes fresh and as crisp as you expected during the pour.  It's good on the hops but there's not an overpowering bitterness.  We would call it a bittersweet symphony of smoooth summer drink.  It's not overly complex in flavor, which actually makes it the perfect summer ale. 


It does have a somewhat dry finish but we think the folks at Lagunitas did that to leave us always thirsting for another.  It worked but be careful - you could finish off a six pack while sitting on the porch before you realize this brew carries a punch.  It's 7.3 percent ABV will take you for a ride if your not careful.

If you don't believe us check out the Lagunitas virtual taste.  We intentionally placed the it at the end because it shames our rubbish.


Jessica said...

Yum. You can pour me one with any summer meal.

jerome said...

Went back to the grocer last night looking for more and it was already gone. Settled on Bell's Two Hearted Ale - another good swill.

T.J. said...

"What say you there, fuzzy-britches? Feel like talking? Aw, guess not. Why should she be any different?"