Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Hollywood Beer Post

Straight from the TMZ newsroom we bring you the stories that matter.  If it involves a celebrity then it matters so we'll get right to it.

Dr. Jones Verifies Age - Harrison Ford, famed actor in the Star Wars movies (the good ones), the Indiana Jones series, and countless other blockbuster films was asked for identification while out on a recent beer run.  Mr. Ford is 68 years old.  According to the report, the guy behind the counter said everybody gets carded.  Said Mr. Harrison "I went to buy some beer the other day and got carded! I said, 'I'm 68-years-old'".  Our best guess is that the clerk was confused by the earring and wanted to know if it was Ford or Ed Bradley.

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Mi How You've Grown - Miley Cyrus continues to act with maturity beyond her years.  This time by having a cold one at the tender age of 17 in Spain.  The good news is that the drinking age in Spain is 18.  The bad news is it's still underage drinking.  Don't worry about Ms. Cyrus getting in trouble because for Spanish authorities "underage drinking is simply no big deal".  No word on who her mother was sleeping with at the time - apparently it was not Bret Micheals.

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T.J. said...

Gettin' the youngins tipsy!!! Yeehaw!!!!!