Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"The True Grail Will Bring You Life, the False Grail Will Take it From You"

It wasn't easy but after saving the world from Nazi's we found the holy grail - of beer. Dr. Jones has nothing on us.

OK, so we didn't save the world or find the beer but we really do have our very own bomber of 2009 Dark Lord by the 3floyds. Our good friend and colleague HH has special connections. Rather than doing the smart thing and keeping all the Dark Lord for family and friends HH decided to share it with this fledgling blogger. For our seven loyal readers you should be warned that we will hardly be as gracious.


hhenning said...

My connection came through and yesterday Doug brought home a bottle of the new 2011 Dark Lord for me! I will need to cellar (i.e. put in a a cupboard) for at least a year. Hope you enjoy the 2009!

jerome said...

I have a basement - you know, if you need to put any beer in it.