Monday, September 26, 2011

Sixpoint None the Richer

It was just over a year ago that we introduced you to Brooklyn's Sixpoint Craft Ales. Our seven loyal followers might recall the Sixpoint response to when they'll be schilling their wares in the DC area. We'll save you the click. "Well, we can't promise anything soon...Once we can take care of our folks here [NYC], then we'll maybe consider DC."

Good News! The folks in NYC are well fed and Sixpoint is available in the DMV. We know this because we're sitting at home sipping on a Righteous Ale that was purchased by our TA at the local Whole Foods. If you prefer first-person verification then rest easy knowing we conquered Bengali Tiger this past week at RFD.

Rye bread is awful but rye ale is good. It perplexes our tiny little brains that this grain, with it's multitude of health benefits, can make bread inedible and at the same time be a key ingredient in some brews. The guys at Sixpoint have a unique respect for the heartiness of rye - so much so that they threw it in an ale and declared it a righteous brew. Any good beer is more than the sum of its ingredients and that theorem holds true for Righteous Ale.

The Righteous Ale pours hazy with a copper color. The head maintains the copper hue and goes away in short order. This brew starts spicy and finishes sweet with maybe a hint of caramel. The carbonation  is a little more than moderate but is by no means overpowering. It's medium bodied with a dry finish leaving you thirsty for a second can. 

Speaking of cans, Sixpoint has joined the movement (actually, since they're new to DC we don't know if they ever used bottles). Righteous Ale comes in four packs but they're 16 ounce cans. If that ain't righteous nothing is. There is something cool, in a Dukes of Hazzard Lynyrd Skynyrd kind of way, about drinking from the larger can. It makes the beer taste better but if Righteous Ale came in a 12 ounce can we would still recommend it. So, you go back to surfing the interwebs and we'll head to the fridge for another round.

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