Friday, October 28, 2011

The Real "Old Dusseldorf in A Long Neck"

Thomas Magnum, the protagonist in what is arguably one of the coolest television shows based in Hawaii, is convinced that Robin Masters and Johnathan Q. Higgins III are one in the same. For our loyal readers who are too young to remember, Magnum, PI is about a private investigator working for an anonymous rich guy in exchange for free room and board - and apparently unlimited use of the coolest Ferrari ever produced. His island clients are always extremely attractive women and his friends are so cool that one owns a helicopter. If all of that is not enough, his refrigerator is always stocked with beer - Old Dusseldorf, to be specific.

This leads us to a theory. Robin Masters is to Higgins what Old Dusseldorf is to Maui Brewing Company. In  the last episode Higgins admits (and then maybe recants) that he is the famed and anonymous Robin. To which we argue that Old Dusseldorf is really just a cover for Maui Brewing Company. MBC wasn't around in the '80s. Then again, Magnum met Robin Masters more than once and heard his voice a couple of times each season.

Admit it - we just blew your mind.

It took long enough but MBC found its way inside the beltway and we've been soaking it all in. MBC comes in cans rather than the preferred long neck but we won't let that take away from the overall experience. In no particular order here's a snapshot of our mini-line up from best to worst (psst - the worst is pretty damn good).
Is this the real Robin Masters?
Coconut Porter. This beer is one of our all time favorite porters and it comes with the price tag to back it up. Chocolate and a hint of coconut in both taste. Aroma is the opposite. $13 and change for a four pack makes it something to cherish but it is worth it.

Bikini Blond Lager. If Budweiser was made by a craft brewer this would be the result. It's crisp, refreshing but with better flavor than Bud. We have a couple left but this is a summer brew. The heat and humidity returns to the DMV in early April so we'll keep these with our preferred stock until spring.

Big Swell IPA. Strong finish to our line of Maui Brewing Company. An IPA that holds it's own against any other out there. It's not in the 90 Minute IPA realm but neither is the price. We have several in stock but expect them to be gone before Sunday expires.

Is this the real Old Dusseldorf?


HH said...

If you are going to show a photo of Magnum, the least you could do is find one in his frequent (and best) attire - short shorts. Instead we get a photo of your legs in some shortish pants. MBC is my best friend while in the Hawaiian islands each Thanksgiving. My husband loves absolutely loves the Coconut Porter (which I can't stand as I feel I'm drinking cocoa-flavored suntan lotion.) But, I really enjoy drinking Bikini Blond and Big Swell on the beach where the can packaging is perfect. Can't wait until November 20th when my first stop after arriving in Hawaii will be a grocery store to pick up some of this beer.

jerome said...

Dumbartons Beer = Magnum Tease

pallyden said...

Magnum first shows had Dos Equis. XX because. Tom Selleck & the others drank it.
Then Old Düsseldorf arrived. It was a more expensive beer playing the role so the actors didn't complain too much.