Monday, March 12, 2012

New Glarus inside the Beltway

I have a friend, let's say Anonymous, who does a fair amount of travel in Wisconsin. I've been there once; for about 24 hours during a baseball road trip. It was one of those rare, great road trips everybody in life takes in or around the college years (rare because in a lifetime most of us can only do it once until after retirement). The point being that we didn't really have time to sample the local fare and, frankly, my beer palette wasn't up to snuff. While at the game we drank the obligatory MGD with a hot dog and went about our merry way. I'm not sure when, or even if, I will ever get back there. This makes my source invaluable. Actually, it makes my source a dealer. She turned me on to New Glarus Brewing and now I have where else to turn. Well played.

The variety pack you see below showed up at my desk last week turning an otherwise average Thursday into a mini-Christmas. Seven different New Glarus brews including that fine ale sitting in the mini-bomber. The challenge will be drinking the beer. My last score included less variety but multiples allowing me to sample one and save one. That last batch included Road Slush and Moon Man so I can enjoy those guilt free. The remaining five are going to be selectively sampled - if at all. I'm fairly certain the ale is going into the collection for the rarest of occasions.

Look at that mini-bomber, front and center 

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HH said...

Look at those beautiful beers! Hopefully you'll get to visit the wonderful state of Wisconsin again in the future and drink from the source at the New Glarus Brewery. (Just don't eat in town.)