Thursday, August 22, 2013

Literally A Stupid Debate

Literally Brewing Co?
The e-world was abuzz this week over the definition of one word. Check it out here, here, or here. That word is literally. Words get used, misused, and abused all the time. Why do we care about the use of literally? I have no idea and wonder where this backlash was while we killed epic. Then again, this is the Internet.

Per the experts, literally means "(1) in a literal sense or manner: actually ; (2) in effect: virtually ".

I literally think this debate is a waste of time but thought I would share a list of things I literally cannot do without a beer in my hand.

Grilling. I have a Weber charcoal grill. No wussy gas barbecue for me. There is something manly about standing over fire and burning meat with a cold beer.

Mowing the Lawn. Living the almost-rural lifestyle means having grass - and a lot of it. You spend a precious weekend day cutting 1.5 acres of grass and a beer is mighty refreshing. Sometimes while on the riding mower, sometimes as a break, sometimes celebrating a job well done. Regardless, a beer in hand beats two in the brush.

Eating Pizza. I once had a friend and colleague who got sick. The kind of sick that transforms, and ultimately takes, your life. While discussing his drug regimen he said thing he missed the most was having a nice cold beer with pizza. I almost never miss an opportunity to have a beer with pizza. Lesson learned, Scooter.

Watching (or talking about) Sports. Just like everybody else.

Writing Blogging. My high school and/or elementary school educators would be ashamed to admit I was on their class roster after reading this waste of space but chances are I'm drinking a beer while I'm at it.

Sex. Just kidding, honey; but definitely while checking my iphone.

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