Monday, December 9, 2013

The Return of the 12 Beers of Christmas

Today we bring back the 12 Beers of Christmas. If last year's list is any indicator we'll get through at least five brews. Regardless, we'll be piss drunk by Christmas Eve and passed out under the tree for the kiddies by morning; preferably wearing nothing but a pink bow. With that image stuck in your head...

On the first day of Christmas my trusty assistant brought for me Sierra Nevada's DevESTATEtion.

Purists are not fans of mixing styles. Hands down the best part of craft beer in America is that we'll make any style beer and fuck you. Black IPAs are the premier reason for mixing styles. They're dark, a little malty, a little hoppy, and bitter.

DevESTATEtion is uses organic malt and estate-grown hops; that makes it healthier than your average craft beer. The real beauty of this beer is that it's smooth going down with a bitter finish. It's dark with a malty, caramel head but the aroma is all hops. A beer that slants towards bitter is better suited to Christmas Eve while dealing with relatives you see semi-annually. It's also good for kicking off a half-assed list - on a Monday. Anyway, here's a picture:

We have only a couple of holiday ales in stock so it's off to the beer store or this series is going nowhere.

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