Sunday, September 14, 2008

Are You Ready For It?

Alright, so the National Football League opened its season some 10(ish) days ago but this was really opening weekend for us at DB. You see, some friends with little consideration for the sports interests of others decided that last weekend would be great for a wedding in New England (which it was - even though I am not a Patriots fan). You may have noticed that fall is sometimes in the air and the Oktoberfest's are on tap so it must be time for football...and apparently weddings.

Rather than trek down to the normal haunt for some action, we decided to make a run for the hills and see if there is a place to watch the Buffalo Bills while keeping an eye on the other 1PM (Eastern) games. What we found was the Pour House - a place that, upon entering, harkens one back to the days of yore when the city was in its early days. The Pour House is dark, cool, and real. They feature all the games and several fine brews. The Pour House has only one drawback, which is offering the typical football specials - $10 pitchers for Miller Lite and Bud Light. If they offered either for free I'd still pass. So it was - Sam Adams Oktoberfest by the pint. And I had one or two or...

The important news is that the good guys are 2-0 and you can find the highlights just about anywhere (like here). I had my brew and though it was a bit ugly the Bills are sharing first place with the vaunted New England Patriots. I guess they have to be "vaunted" until they at least lose a game.

Whatever you do please do NOT go to the Pour House. The staff, despite being overworked are friendly and efficient. Your neighbors at the bar are happy to chat about any team and any game and anything you're drinking. There's a good crowd but not a huge crowd. You can make a few friends but don't have to shout to be heard. Frankly, if word gets out you all will start going and ruin the whole experience for me. So really, find some place else to watch your football.

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