Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ladies Drink for Free

It's back - and now it's legal. New York federal Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum threw out a case in Manhattan that claimed ladies nights discriminate against men by offering free or discounted admission and drinks. Attorney Roy Den Hollander brought the suit because he's tired of women getting things for free - and because he is just doing his part to reinforce the stereotype that men are idiots. According to CNN, Roy said the judge is a feminist.

We are big supporters of ladies nights. First, it means the bar will have ladies and, unlike Roy, we like the ladies. Second, it means more people drinking beer in the bars. And we like the drinking. Finally, if ladies drink for free on ladies night that means we don't have to buy drinks to get them drunk.

Roy, some unsolicited advice - go find a ladies night, have a beer (actually, have several beers), and talk to some of the ladies like most normal men. In your case, I'd recommend a fake name and probably lie about your profession too. If you are man, and we have our doubts, lying should be easy enough.

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