Thursday, June 11, 2009

With the Bad Comes the Good

Yesterday, we discussed the merits of cutting a pension benefit that may or may not have benefited former employees. Today we bring you some positive spin.

New Belgium Brewing Company is based in Fort Collins, CO and knows a thing or two about employee satisfaction. After working with the company for one year, each employee gets a share in ownership and a free, custom-made bicycle. After five years the employee gets a free trip to Belgium...the country.

It's not all roses. According to CNN, the company has made some cutbacks in light of today's economy. For example, employees did not get their annual 8 percent raise (they only got 4 percent) and employees are no longer permitted to take home a free case of beer each week - we're noticing a theme.

No free beer but you still get ownership, a free custom bike, and a free trip to Belgium. Given New Belgium's reputation, the free beer will probably be back when the economy turns.



rob said...

keep that in mind when you start hiring.

rob said...

read a review of duck-rabbit brewery this week and bought their porter to sample this weekend. will report back.

jerome said...

duck-rabbit brewery? is this a warner brothers cartoon? i'm intrigued.