Monday, July 13, 2009

Badass on the Block

Kid Rock is giving up on the Coors. On July 4th, Drinks Americas Holdings announced it started brewing and kegging beer for Kid Rock's American Badass Beer Company. The initial brew, an "easy to drink" American style lager, will be available first at a two-night Kid Rock show on July 17th-18th at Comerica Park. "Easy to drink" sure sounds like a nice way of saying you taste like Coors.

After the shows, the beer will be distributed throughout Michigan. According to one report, kegs will come first, then 12 and 22 ounce bottles. Sorry G's, there is no plan for the fortie.

We like Kid Rock. We also like beer but if you have to put the word badass in the name, it probably isn't badass. And we couldn't help but throw in this video report from the folks at Seriously, we dare you to watch it.

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