Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pride of Pyongyang

We can only be referring to Taedonggang Beer. Named for a river that runs through Pyongyang the Korean News Service reports that "[t]he citizens call Taedonggang beer 'cold yet warm beer' as it is associated with the warm care of General Secretary Kim Jong Il for the people." Distribution vans get traffic privileges on the streets of Pyongyang - and there is nothing worse than Pyongyang traffic.

This 2.5 minute commercial for the people's brew verifies that Kim Jong-il can target an audience - even if he can't target a missile. Stealing a bit of marketing genius from the big American brewers, Taedonggang promises to "relieve stress, improve health, and even lengthen your life" in what The Big Money reports is the NK's first television commercial. We wonder what else it can lengthen.

According to a BBC report, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has a "personal interest in the brewery. 'Watching good quality beer coming out in an uninterrupted flow for a long while, he noted with great pleasure that it has now become possible to supply more fresh beer to people in all seasons,' North Korea's state news agency, KCNA, said after he visited the brewery in 2002."


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