Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Bases Are Loaded - So Are the Players

This may come as no surprise to the experts at Gheorge but we at Dumbarton's Beer just learned that Major League Baseball allows alcohol in the players' clubhouse. Clearly a trend suggested by George H. Ruth, FoxSports reports on the issue by highlighting Miguel Cabrera's battle with alcoholism. According to writer John Paul Morosi, approximately half of MLB clubhouses make alcohol available in the clubhouse after games (generally the beverage is beer).

The National Football League, by contrast has a very different policy. "Roger Goodell has a simple, easy-to-remember policy: If you’re in the locker room, bus or airplane of an NFL team, you can’t drink. Period."

Sure, it's entirely possible the other teams in the league will see the writing on the wall and eliminate alcohol from the clubhouse but we're skeptical. Morosi thinks Bud Selig, arguably the worst commissioner in sports and in the history of MLB, could take a stand. Of course, this is MLB and their approved methodology is to turn a blind eye to any drug issue until one of their own writes a tell all book.

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