Monday, February 22, 2010

A Splash in the Face of Beer Madness

It's back - The Washington Post's fourth annual Beer Madness tournament. In case you missed it, Beer Madness is a fun rip off of the NCAA's March Madness basketball tournament; except with beer instead of basketballs. Last year's winner, Ommegang Hennepin, trounced Troegs HopBack Amber 7-2 (read the summary here).

Panelists will help The Post's Greg Kitsock and Fritz Hahn of the Going Out Gurus whittle 32 beers down to one champion. They are unpredictably going with an Olympics theme.

Follow all the fun on the Washington Post Web site or, you could participate in Dumbarton's First Annual Beer Splash Tournament (hey, if it's OK to rip off the NCAA it's OK to rip off the Post).

While we are still compiling our participating brews the Divisions will be as follows:

Division I: Cans

Division II: Locals*

Division III: Whatever Is Left in Our Refrigerator

Division IV: Big Bottles

The tourney will have 4-6 brews in each Division. Stay tuned for participants (please send along recommendations). We will uncork the tournament on March 1, 2010 and hold the finals when we get around to it. With any luck we'll be more successful than our Seven Beers of Christmas.

*within 75 miles of Washington, DC

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