Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flying Bison Staying in Buffalo; Expanding Operations

This should certainly make your St. Patrick's Day a bit brighter. Today Flying Bison Brewing Company (FBBC) announced they are staying in Buffalo and they are actually expanding operations. As a result of the deal with FX Matt Brewing Company, FBBC will distribute more than they ever have in the past. Tim Herzog said "The only difference the community will see is that our beers will more readily available. Everyone on staff is still with us and there will be a few changes, for the better.”

FBBC will continue to be active in the community supporting events like the Buffalo Brewfest. They will also continue supporting Rusty Chain; which is made in collaboration with Green Options Buffalo, Buffalo Rising, and Buffalo Microparks, to support bicycle parking through out Buffalo.

Mr. Herzog did acknowledge some challenges lie ahead. Shelves will need to be stocked across Western New York and be stocked on a consistent basis. FBBC must also win back taps at local restaurants and pubs - no small task considering the competition for such prime real estate.

The big question is when will the new plan be implemented? No dates have been announced for the beginning of distribution or the arrival of your favorite FBBC brews at the local grocer or watering hole. There is not even a date for the reopening of the FBBC retail store. To all this we say "patience is a virtue".

We look forward to seeing FBBC back on the streets and with a little luck they will use the Matt Urban distribution chain to send some of their beers to our little corner of the country.


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Perhaps some of the blowhards from your earlier post about this item would like to chime in again?

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They're all bitches.

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