Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Too Sexy for Brazil

Ahhhh, Devassa! Beer maker Grupo Schincario created an advertisement so provocative that even Brazil was offended. After complaints led to three separate investigations, Grupo Schincario decided to pull the ad, which features Paris Hilton sensually moving about her room with a view.

We know what you're thinking but according to reports the advertisement was not offensive for simply featuring a no-talent hack who's famous for being famous. Watchdog group (yep, they exist outside the Beltway) Conar said women in beer commercials are common in Brazil.

"Advertising regulations prohibit the sensual depiction of women in alcohol commercials. 'The problem with the ad isn’t a lack of clothing, but its sensual nature,' Eduardo Correia, a Conar spokesman, told The Associated Press last week."

Paris Hilton as sensual. Kinda gives us the willies.

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