Monday, May 10, 2010

Ahhh, the Squishy Middle

Sometimes the squishy middle kicks the most ass and we have just the example.  We bummed around Stone Brewing waiting for the witching hour (ok, 4:00 pm), when Lost Abbey is open to the public for tastings.  Port Brewing/The Lost Abbey is what you expect from a solid micro-brew company.  It's kinda working class, kinda grungy, and from the moment you walk through the door you know you're not cool enough to hang out there.  I mean, you sit on kegs covered with some dextor-maltose-something-or-other-fake-sugar, for crying out loud.

Port/Lost Abbey has a wonderful lineup on tap.  Unfortunately, we were allowed to try none of them thanks to the California Department of Health.  Apparently, state government employees in CA work on Friday afternoon (unlike what we are accustomed to inside the beltway).  The DOH dropped by and shut down the draft brews because the brewery does not have a washable ceiling.  The good staff at Port/Lost Abbey don't know what that means either.  On the plus, we were permitted to run wild with the bottled brews - and we celebrated a staff birthday.

A friend recommended The Angel's Share but we took the staff recommendation and settled on Old Viscosity.  We have a natural born affinity for cars - and dark, strong ales - so Old Viscosity was really the only choice.  As advertised, it's dark as motor oil and makes you wish you were drag racing with IHRA.

Special thanks to the California State Government.

I see London, I see France...

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Happy Birthday to you...

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HH said...

After a great weekend of drinking in San Diego followed by another one in Chicago (local alt-bier Metropolitan I-Beam, a specially made for Chicago only Lagunitas Chicago Fusion Ale, dunkel lager Surly Schadenfruede, and super-sour and peachy New Belgium Eric's Ale) I have crashed and burned in your 'hood this week and it has not been pleasant. I have been to many nice restaurants and not one has had any decent beer list to accompany the food (Yuengling doesn't count.) I am resorting to bad Mexican and tequila tonight to dull my craft beer withdrawal.

Anonymous said...
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