Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bait and Switch at Chicago Craft Beer Week

It's always a treat to have somebody do your work for you.  Delegate people.

Thanks to our good friends on Michigan Ave in Chicago - Dumbarton's Official Midwest Correspondents.

Another week in Chicago, another craft beer event.  After tasting as many new tappings as possible during the fantastic Craft Brewers Conference  in April, the much smaller and lamer Chicago Craft Beer Week  has hit town.  Half of the events take place in the far suburbs which certainly doesn't qualify as "Chicago" and driving an hour just to drink beer is not the best idea (except when you're in San Diego.)

We hit a new brewpub in trendy Wicker Park, Moonshine, which promised a special release for this event - Hymie Weiss.  We love a weiss beer and were looking forward to the festivities and perhaps one of us (the non-married one) meeting a beer-loving man.  Upon arrival at the bar, which is decorated in a cheesy southern-trash theme, the staff knew nothing of the event and no weiss was on tap.  We made the best of it with a lovely amber-colored and malty Longshanks Scotch Style Ale and a similar - just heavier and maltier - Morning Wood Dark Mild.   We then tried their generic Piston Broke Special Pale Ale and after 3 pints and an unfortunate impression of beer week, we decided to head home to watch the Blackhawks rule once again away from home ice.  

Breweries are popping up in Chicago faster than you can drink a 16% Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout and not all are great but we are getting a good buzz checking them out.  We apologize for no accompanying photos as the new Blackberry takes even worse pictures than the old one.  Thank you to the Dumbarton Brewmaster for allowing a Midwest Report from Heidi and Kristen!

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