Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gheorghe: The Blog: Apology Accepted

Last week, our friends at Gheorghe: The Blog sent apologies for trying a hand at craft beer reviews. There is no need for such an apology any more than we would need to apologize for writing on sports, offering a music review, penning run-on sentences, or posting whatever OCD material the teej posts. Sadly, Squirrel (are we on a nickname basis?) was quite artful and now I'm jonesing for a Cocoa Mole - despite the fact that he bragged on us about his vegan, steel cut oat diet and running half marathons in record time. Note: completing any marathon-type race warrants the phrase "record time".

We're sensitive to the G:TB content and so bring you a brief review of Fordham's Doppelbock Lager. The first thing you might note about this beer is that it is brewed in Delaware and is not a Dogfish Head. Seriously, who knew Delaware had other breweries? According to the Brewer's Association there are approximately one dozen breweries and/or brewpubs in the First State. Don't worry, we assumed they only had banks and credit card companies too.

The Dobblebock is a deep brown lager with a short head. The beer tastes sweet with a strong caramel note. It lingers in the mouth, which is fine because the aftertaste is not overpowering. The medium bodied brew is nicely carbonated and tips the scales at 8 percent ABV. The sweet taste and higher ABV makes us think you could pound the four pack and pay dearly in the morning. Of course, that never stopped us before.

In all seriousness, it's quite easy to enjoy Fordham's Doppelbock. We recommend you enjoy this beer while perusing G:TB and FOG:GB. If that's not enough there's always tumblr porn.

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