Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mermaids Delay Construction of Reservoir

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In Zimbabwe, Water Resources Minister Sam (Salt N') Sipepa Nkomo reported to the senate delays in a major water project are being caused by mermaids living in reservoirs. How can you get rid of mermaids? By brewing traditional beer. Everybody knows that the best beer for such a situation is brewed right here in America.

Mermaids, according to Zimbabwe custom, are known for carrying humans underwater and may never be seen again if relatives protest. The true motivation is unknown as some customs believe mermaids are spiteful to humans while others believe they simply forget humans cannot breathe under water. According to the report:


Local Government, Rural and Urban Development Minister Ignatius Chombo, who also appeared before the senate committee, backed the call for traditional rites to be performed at the dams to allay workers’ fears.
Nkomo said the government is prepared to give the population the water it needs, but is unable to do so until the rituals are performed and necessary repairs can be carried out.


Yes, I would very much like some bananas at cost.

h/t Off the Bench.

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