Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hell's Bells

Despite a previous post, we do have a love for Michigan's Bell's Brewery. Maybe it's because Bell's makes us think of AC/DC's Angus Young parading on stage in his darling schoolboy uniform while blasting through chords handed down by the guitar gods or maybe it's just that they make good beer. Despite being bitch-slapped by the real estate crash, the Detroit Lions, and the slow bleed of the big three, blue staters have Bell's as a point of pride. Today's choice - Kalamazoo Stout.

This was love at first sight - literally. The label includes a sketch of a grumpy looking old guy with glasses and substantial balding. You might mistake him for Red in That '70s Show. We admit it, sometimes we purchase beer because of the label. Television taught us well.

The beer itself pours very dark and finishes with a nice thick head that's somewhat dark brown. It really is the ideal stout. In other words, it makes for a great drink or a great meal. A good mix of nutty, chocolate, coffee, and perhaps molasses flavors. Kalamazoo starts sweet and finishes with a hint of bitter. It's 6 percent alcohol and, according to Bell's, comes in at a light 220 calories per bottle. Don't let the calorie count or the looks deceive you. It's hard not to drink this beer quickly because it goes down smooth.

Fortunately, it's brewed and available year round. Bell's lists 13 states where you can get Kalamazoo but we found ours in DC - which is not listed. So, keep an eye open for a grumpy old man in the beer cooler. If he's on the shelf grab him by the six pack. If he's in the aisle grab him only if he appears to have fallen asleep in his hoveround.


Bob said...

Take the nutritional value of Kalamazoo Stout all the way;

Kalamazoo Stout

12 oz
23.22 carbs
220 calories
06.00 abv
4 Weight Watchers POINTS

Nutritional value for 1,999 more beers at

dmf said...

where in DC did you find it?

jerome said...

I found it at Whole Foods on P Street, NW.