Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Freakin' Freezing In Here

According to our friends at The Weather Channel it's currently 12 degrees (Farenheight) in our nation's capital. Why does that matter? Because that's where we are writing from in a wonderful 98 year old rowhouse where the relatively new heating system completely crapped out. The same system that had a complete system tune up is officially tuned off. The coldest day of the 2008-2009 winter and I'm writing in my winter cap and long johns.

Just sitting here - waiting for the repair man to come and fix her up. With any luck they will come before the witching hour. What's keeping our sanity? Beer. Raison D'Etre and it's 8 percent alcohol by volume. Normally we opine on the more important aspects of beer. It's flavors, colors, aromas. Every now and again you need the alcohol portion of the brew to keep your sanity - and to keep yourself from lighting this place ablaze and creating a neighborhood campfire to keep all the neighbors warm. Thanks Dogfish Head.


TJ said...

It's still freakin' freezing.

jerome said...

You should have been in my house Friday night.