Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Drinkin' with the Po Po

It's been awhile since Florida has graced these pages.  Well, the Sunshine state is back and with a vengeance courtesy of 68 year old Elmer Daniels.  Mr. Daniels, of Brandenton, FL refused a field sobriety test after being involved in a car accident.  According to reports, Mr. Daniels cracked open a cold one while he was talking with state troopers.  He also admitted drinking beers in his van before the crash and told officers he puts down a six pack daily.

Daniels, who was drinking a beer while talking to troopers, admitted drinking beer in his van and had finished nearly two beers before the crash.

A police report said Daniels told investigators he usually drinks a six-pack of beer each day.
Daniels was arrested and charged with driving under the influence with property damage or injury. He was jailed in lieu of $16,500 bond.


jerome said...

In unrelated news...and for those always last to be "in the know", Anchor Brewing Company has been sold. Owner Fritz Maytag, credited with resuscitating the micro-brew industry will remain as the "company chairman emeritus."

宗穎 said...
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Fire Ron Guenther said...

completely off topic, but Half Acre beer is too watery

凱倩 said...
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