Friday, April 16, 2010

This Week in Beer News

It's been an interesting week we'll say that much. Maybe we all get a little out of sorts when the tax man is knocking at the door. More likely, these types of stories have been around for ages and it's only the Internet that helps us understand everybody's crazy.

Today we bring you one robbery and one foiled robbery. Happy Friday.

Man Foils Beer Robbery, Goes for 80 MPH Ride on Roof
In Stevenson, CA, six people are going to jail for attempting to steal two 12 packs of beer. One suspect entered the Lander Grocery and Liquor and grabbed a pack of Budweiser and a pack of Tecate. The suspect left the store and got into a Chevy Tahoe that drove away.

Stevenson's own Caped Cruisader, aka 28 year old Erick Borgam, chased the suspect and pounded on the windows of the Tahoe as it attempted to drive away. Said the Merced Sun-Star "The Tahoe drove away -- but Borgman jumped onto the running board and grabbed a railing on the roof of the vehicle. Borgman said the suspects in the back of the SUV punched him several times in the face through the vehicles open window."

Then dad got involved.

"As Borgman was hanging on to the SUV, his father, Jame Borgman, followed the suspects in his truck. As the Tahoe reached speeds of 80 mph, the younger Borgman climed onto the SUV's roof and began pounding on it. After the SUV traveled about five miles, Borgman's father pulled his vehicle in front of the suspects' SUV, which slowed down, allowing Erick Borgman to jump off."

Needless to say, the suspects were apprhended by local authorities who, obviously cautioned others about taking on similar vigilante justice. Read the article and see an interview with the younger Borgman here.

I'm So Thirsty I'd Drink Skunked Beer from a Trash Heap
National Public Radio (NPR) reports that city workers in Colombia, MO are in some trouble for stealing beer - from the city dump. A local distributor left 1,500 cases of expired beer at the city land fill recently. The workers were caught on security cameras loading the 50 cases into a truck. What is left in the city land fill officially belongs to the city so workers may be facing criminal charges.

Listen to Renee Montagne tell the story here.

Your reward for reading this far: A montage of "Muppet News Flash" reports. Enjoy.

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