Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We're Hoping for a Long Life

In our never ending quest to ride the cutting edge of brewing news we bring you a new series: The Dumbarton Lit Review. We're kicking of the Lit Review with a little birthday gift from our trusty assistant.

Title: 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die

Author: Adrien Tierney-Jones*

Year: 2010

Publisher: Quintessence

The Review: 1001 Beers is not the type of book you read like a novel - cover to cover, chapter by chapter. No, this is a book you peruse and review over the long-term.

The first thing you will do is read through the 945 pages of beers to find the ones you already tasted. After finding you've tried all of 6 of the 1001 beers the second thing you will do is promise yourself you will taste every beer in the book. Finally, you will reach the acceptance stage and simply hope to taste as many as you can track down.

The book weighs in at about 10 lbs and comes with some great imagery. There is a brief description of each beer, including tasting notes. We assume only the really good beers get a full page spread.

If you fancy yourself a beer connoseur this is a must have. If you're not into beer, Quintessence seems to have made a living on the 1001 series. So, there's 1001 movies to see, books to read, albums to hear, well you get the point. Seriously, start with the beers.

*In this case there is no author. Tierney-Jones is listed as the General Editor. In truth, there are 42 listed contributors to this brick.

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