Thursday, June 10, 2010

The folks at Miller Lite and Coors Light continue their marketing genius.  It almost reminds you of the resurgent pony wars in the auto industry.  First the Mustang was reborn.  Next comes the Challenger.  Today, the Camaro is back and better than ever.  Every year the Big 2.5 in Detroit strive to make their ponies out muscle the competition making enthusiasts shrill like little school girls (we confess to being part of this "enthusiasm").

To ensure that the 21-30 (or 18-24) age demographic is distracted from the miserable taste of these brews Miller Lite and Coors Light market the container rather than the product.  There's really no need to change the bottles or cans.  Just show scantily clad women for 30 second increments during the game and the college kids will keep buying the cheap swill.

And while we're on the "we drink it precisely because it's cheap swill" topic.  There's no shame in that for poor college aged people or for the folks at Miller and Coors.  We all grow up and earn more as our tastes get  more "sophisticated".  The good news is that there's always a new generation behind us to fill the gap we might be leaving.  Sure, the generation behind us doesn't get it - they're lazy, tweet too much, elitist, and expect work-life balance and a high salary with no real job experience...wait, this sounds familiar.  Anyway, on to the fun...

The Vortex Bottle.  Designed to make it look like your beer is pouring in a circular motion - like if you were drinking from the toilet.  But it doesn't really do anything, which is evident in the Vortex commercials.  Sure sounds neat though.

The Vented Wide Mouth Can.  It's the same aluminum can but with a wider mouth.  This makes for better chugging at Saturday's frat party.  Faster chugging means you get drunk faster after the football game (or before the game).

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