Saturday, June 5, 2010

They're Back!

The brew kettles are up and running once again at Flying Bison Brewing Company (FBBC).  First reported on their Twitter page, FBBC started brewing yesterday.  According to Twitter and Facebook, our favorite drink Aviator Red is just a few weeks away.  We're hoping they have it out in time for the 4th of July holiday as we'll be in the neighborhood.

More good news reported by the Buffalo News today: "All of the paperwork is signed and filed, and the sale of Flying Bison Brewing Co. to the Utica-based maker of Saranac beer is all but official, awaiting Matt’s licensing approval in Buffalo."  This will allow FBBC to increase capacity to almost 7,000 barrels.  Just like the early days FBBC will only be available in draft in the short-term but bottling is coming back.  So, we will not be bringing any back inside the beltway when we return but we'll scout out the restaurants of WNY while we are there.

To Ryan, Paul, and Colin we give you a virtual high-5!


HH said...

I've been meaning to ask after reading your numerous posts about FBBC - do they make really good beer or is more that you support and like them because they are from your hometown? And, do you think Patrick Kane likes to down a few when he goes home?

jerome said...

Their Lager and Aviator Red are very good. I'm intrigued about Rusty Chain. Hometown pride surely has something to do with my regular postings and I would probably support them regardless but it helps that the beer is good. Mr. Kane surely drinks FBBC beer - if not, we will introduce him to it.