Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Here They Come

Living inside the beltway has its perks - focal point of the universe, capital of the free world, 535 out of town guests regularly telling us how to run our local affairs.  For all the positives we have in the nation's capital we are short on microbreweries.  Sure, Foggy Bottom is based in DC but it's brewed in Utica, NY.  Frankly, we're not even sure where you can get Foggy Bottom these days.  The last packaging brewery in the city, Chr. Heurich Brewing Company, closed in 1956.

The Washington Post's All We Can Eat blog tells us that a beer renaissance is brewing.  No less than five breweries are in the various planning stages for the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area (for those keeping score at home it's WDC 3 NVA 2).  Of the five breweries four are scheduled to be brewing by early 2011.  DC Brau expects to be open for business by January 2011.  Chocolate City could be open as early as August.  The Black Squirrel Brewing Company is a couple of years away.  The 28 North Brewhouse will open in Ashburn, VA this autumn.  Finally, Port City Brewery expects to be open by year's end. 

DC Brau has the most information publicly available so we offer a few highlights.  Founders Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock enjoy good music and good beer. (Don't we all?)  More importantly both have experience in brewing and distribution.  According to their Web site, Hancock served an apprenticeship at Franklin's, brewed at Grizzly Peak and Flying Dog. Skall has extensive experience in restaurant management and the beverage industry.  Skall will be the Yin to Hancock's Yang (there's a joke here somewhere).  They plan to feature Corruption Ale (IPA), the Citizen (Belgian pale ale) and the Public Ale.

We are very thirsty for local swill and it appears our thirst is about to be quenched.

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