Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beer + Bacon = Heaven

And our high school math teacher said we would never get word problems.

You know the Heavy Seas Beer & Bacon Festival is well planned when you find them handing out strips of bacon at the merchandise shop bar.  A slice of bacon and a glass of Small Craft Warning is a nice start to the day. We also hit the Prosit, Red Sky at Night, Pale Ale, and the bourbon barrel-aged Great'er Pumpkin - flowing through a carved out pumpkin.  Among our favorites was Red Sky and the Small Craft Warning.  The food was great too, particularly the duck bacon, but we'll leave it to Bacon, Baking & Everything in Between to fill in the details.

Saturday's event was more about the bringing together of two beautiful dietary creations - beer and bacon.  Heavy Seas showed us a good time with plenty of grub and plenty of swill. We're still dehydrated but it was worth it. 

A few pics from the afternoon:

Bacon and Beer and Everything's Nice
Just roll these out to my car, please.
For dessert, I'll have the antacid.
Pumpkin keg stand anybody?
For us, this is the equivalent of a bank robber finding the vault.


Jessica said...

Fantastic article! Now the pressure is on to review the bacon bacon goodness.

T.J. said...

All the ladies demand a picture of Mr. Dumbarton.