Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Due to the intricate sophistication of Dumbarton's Beer you probably assumed our roots grow deep in the soil that is inside the beltway.  Well, like 98 percent of DMV residents we're squatters and tonight we're missing home just a bit.

You might recall that we covered the short-lived soap opera surrounding the sale of Flying Bison Brewing Company (FBBC).  While that seems to have resolved itself in a positive way we recently learned of a nanobrewery attempting to open shop in the Queen City.  Community Beer Works is comprised of a small group of locals looking to help return Buffalo to its halcyon days of brewing.  By early 2011, the folks at CBW expect to brew 1 bbl batches in a former malting building on Lafayette Avenue in the City's East Side.  According to reports, CBW will brew up to 6,000 gallons next year and be producing upwards of 34,000 gallons annually within five years.  Partner Ethan A. Cox told the Buffalo News that the long-term plan is to have a series of nanobreweries across the city.  "We want to be a small neighborhood brewery and 10 years down the line have a series of Community Beer Works in other neighborhoods."  Today, the Buffalo News did a small piece noting that CBW received necessary approval from the Buffalo Zoning Board.  A small, but critical, step in planning and development.  Kudos to the folks at CBW.  Our collective mouths water for your local fare.  In the meantime, we'll keep trying to get FBBC to distribute some Aviator Red south of the Mason Dixon.

As if karma were aligning the stars for this post, we also read this little piece by John Vogl on the new, and very improved, uniforms for our Buffalo Sabres (more info here).  Mercifully, the slug is gone.  Back are the original blue and gold uniforms with a few modifications but old school fans are not going to be disappointed.  Now we won't look so out of place in our original Perrault home jersey - remember when teams wore home white jerseys?  Those were the days.  In celebration of their 40th anniversary the Sabres will also unveil a new third/alternate jersey that's a nod back to pre-NHL days for western New York.  No word on whether the Sabres management has plans for celebrating 40 years of not winning a Stanley Cup but we might pick up that new alternate jersey anyway.  We're homers.  We miss home.

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