Saturday, December 4, 2010

DC Brau Receives Label Approval

We're a bit remiss for not having posted this earlier in the week (back when it was news) but for the few who have yet to see it, below is the recently-approved labels for DC Brau's the Public Pale Ale.  Kudos to the good fellas at the Brau.  The labels are sharp.  We can't wait for the cans filled with beer to start rolling out.

Take a quick scan and you'll notice the label include "DC Statehood Facts".  Each of the DC Brau brews will feature statehood facts and you can contribute to the cause.  They still need facts for the Citizen and the Corruption.  Yes, you can win something but is there anything better than bragging rights?  Below are the qualifiers.

1-You must be 21
2-The facts must relate to one of the two topics
3-The fact must be written exactly as you would like to see it on the can
4-160 character limit (perfect for the Tweeters)
5-Deadline is December 6th and entries must be sent to
6-Don't use the DC Brau Facebook page to submit entries

Get more information at the DC Brau Blog.