Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Fifth Beer of Christmas

For the fifth beer of Christmas our trusty assistant brought to us Long Trail's Hibernator.  Wait, why does Long Trail sound familiar?  Probably because Mike Rowe spent some time there for his hit show Dirty Jobs (episode titled Chick Sexer). Hibernator has been on our local grocer's shelf for a few weeks now and we couldn't really be bothered.  Today, we're feeling froggy so we decided to give it a whirl.

Hibernator is an unfiltered Scotch Ale.  We typically prefer to avoid Scotch Ales but Hibernator brings more than you might expect.  We could bore you with details about aroma and look but there's a picture available (see above) and we get all of eight readers a day, including the writer, and we're fairly certain that the general public really only cares about taste unless it's a skunked beer.  Anyway, Hibernator is a mellow brew where you almost wish for a bit more flavor although that would almost certainly ruin the fun.  The description on the label - "robust and malty brew" - is fairly accurate and perfect for a winter's night.  Malty brews are more complicated than they get credit for.  If you're not paying attention you'll dismiss a robust, malty brew as boring but we know all seven of you are paying attention.  So, go pick up some Hibernator.

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