Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All Aglow for Allagash

No, not the USS Allagash. It’s August 27, 2008, and we ask: "Is there a better time to identify a great summer beer?" Don't answer that; it was rhetorical.

My new favorite cure all for the hot, hazy, humid mid-Atlantic summer is Allagash White. The Allagash folks were kind enough to start a brewery in Portland, ME and that’s important because it’s the home of the Buffalo Sabres new minor league affiliate the Portland Pirates. I’ve never been to Portland but a northeast city with a brewery and a hockey team is alright in my book any day of the week. It turns out there are some pretty good qualities found in both Portland and my home town. I’ll let somebody else wax poetic on urban comparisons. With the discovery of Allagash and the Sabres new affiliate I have two outstanding reasons for a New England road trip.

The point here is to talk up Allagash White. It’s a wheat beer and I’m generally not a wheat beer fan. White falls under the “Classic” lineup of Allagash brews and I’m sure all the classics are great. I think I’m sure but I’ve only been able to find White in my corner of the world. I have only found it in 12 oz. bottles but the rumor is you can get it in 750 ml bottles and kegs. Sometimes I drink straight from the bottle and other times I pour into a pint glass but that’s just so I can enjoy the view. White is a more sophisticated beer with plenty of spices, which probably gives White its funky smell (funky in a good way). It is cloudy gold look but don’t hang your entire beer drinking experience on whether or not you can see your hand behind the glass of beer. The flavor is not too strong but you can't miss the spices and citrus notes. I think it’s best enjoyed refrigerator cold. It is a light-bodied beer with a clean finish and is quite refreshing for a beer. Refreshed or not, you’re going to want another. In fact, if you’ll excuse me…

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