Monday, August 25, 2008

Creating a Logo

So, we have a logo. Sure, there is a first draft business plan but let's be honest - business plans are far less inspiring and creative than logos. Business plans are filled with jargon, rationality, numbers and justifications. Any good logo is a beautiful work of art that speaks to the public and defines an organization. Everybody knows the Red Cross logo, the Ford Oval, and the Sierra Nevada nature scene. If you don't know these then you need far more help than we can offer.

At the risk of it being poached we will provide a brief description. Hopefully it will be vague enough to remain original when we release an image yet described well enough that you get a good sense of where we are going. Without further adieu....

We are seeing the name of the brewery written in an upside down "U" formation, effectively serving as the border of the crest. Inside the crest and coming from a distance is the bridge with Bison standing at the ready. Behind the bridge an image or silhouette of the major architecural accomplishment of the city. Colors - TBD.

If you can picture it in your head you're getting a feel for where the brewery is going. The next step is to find a graphic designer/artist to scope it out and make it real. When we have that we'll post it here for all the world to see.

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