Monday, August 18, 2008

D-liner Lunch

The first post was supposed to be more official sounding - an announcement of the arrival of the Dumbarton blog. But this is a blog revolved around beer and the enlightenment it brings and today is no exception. I just took a bit of a lunch at the D-liner, the area's leading Irish pub, and this always involves some food and beer. Smithwick's was the choice today - just enough to whet the pallet as many of us have a day job. The beer was cold, the barkeep cheerful, and the friends were entertaining. How does that not break up the start of a work week.

Smithwick's is a fine beer - of course, it's Irish so it must be fine. If it's Belgian, German, or Irish how bad can it be? It's good for these hot, humid days when one has to bear the sun's beating as he returns to the office. My guess is that Smithwick's is Ireland's version of Budweiser - a good everyday beer that nobody should be ashamed of drinking. It provides a refreshing taste and finishes clean. Certainly a brew that, if you can find it locally, is worth having a pint or two.

So next time you find yourself looking for a refreshing lunch hour beverage be sure to consider Smithwick's or really any fine Irish brew. If that won't suffice don't let the hour of the day prevent you from enjoying a cold one. Now, if you can't find a reason to have a brew in the afternoon, well, maybe you're reading the wrong blog.

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