Thursday, August 21, 2008

Feed My Franklinstein

Thirsty for beer and it's feeding time. One of the better brewpubs in the metro area is a little place just across the border. The food is fine - stick with the sandwiches and the pizzas, throw in an appetizer for starters, and you can't go wrong. Really, the beer is the reason you visit Franklin's. Of course, it's the reason you visit any brewpub.

One of the great features of Franklins is the 64 oz. take home growler. Enjoy a brew at the upstairs bar and if you fall in love with it take some home. Or, have one brew and enjoy an entirely different one at home. This particular visit found me enjoying the Rubber Chicken Red. Rumor has it the brewer is not a big fan of reds but you wouldn't know it when you drink from the chicken. What did I take home with me? The Coffee Stout. This is a great dark, dare I say black, beer that provides a nice cream colored head when poured. It has a distinct coffee aroma and there is a wonderful coffee taste. It's a somewhat complicated flavor, really but even for those who prefer a lighter beer this is a great option.

We can go on raving about the Franklin's brews for days but maybe you'd like to know more about the place. It was formerly a sandwich shop and the owner lives within minutes of the building - a truely local owner is a wonderful find. It has the restaurant downstairs with the bar and additional seating upstairs. Don't overlook the fact that it's also attached to a toy store that has fun and games for both the kiddies and the adults. We won't dwell on the kids toys but know that after you fill your growler you should stop by the store to purchase a nice hard-to-find microbrew. Everything from DogFishHead to Chimay to brews of the world. Fill your fridge with equal parts Franklin's beers and microbrews. It's one stop shopping for the microbrew lover in all of us. Franklin's truly is the best little pourhouse in Maryland!

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