Friday, May 29, 2009

It's All About Priorities

According to UPI and the Latin American Herald Tribune, a funeral home in Bogota failed to deliver the casket to the cemetery while the family waited....and waited....and waited. Relatives could only wonder what happened to their beloved Tito Vasquez.

Of course, the delay was due to the driver's need to stop and have a few cold ones. Said article, the driver "stopped for a beer and failed to deliver a body to the cemetery while the family waited." The family waited at the cemetery "for several hours"while the driver, the hearse, and Mr. Vazquez were boozing it up in a local hotel parking lot.



rob said...

opening my first magic hat lucky kat in a few moments, jerome. will report back later.

jerome said...

Look foward to the details.

rob said...

i'm a sucker for a good ipa, and i'm predisposed to like magic hat simply because i like their attitude, and they're from vermont, the state of my birth. that said, i'm ambivalent on the lucky kat. it's got an odd finish, less hoppy and a bit less crisp than i would generally expect (and want). reminds me of something i can't exactly place - maybe one of magic hat's odd seasonals from a year or so ago. not bad, not great.