Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We Don't Give a Phuk

Marani Brands, Inc. announced today that it reached an agreement to be the exclusive importer and distributor of the uniquely named Phuket Beer. Since we don't know the first thing about Phuket Beer, we'll quote the article:

"Phuket Beer was founded on the tropical island of Phuket in the southern region of Thailand. The lager has gained a distinct image as a lifestyle-brand product representing the carefree and laid back nature of living on an exotic tropical island. ...Phuket Beer is an all-natural beer with no additives or preservatives and produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality, freshness, and consistency."

Phuket Beer does not remind us of a tropical island but it does remind us of Lethal Weapon 2.

Riggs: This Stinks.

Martin: I don't give a phuk, Riggs. That's why I don't have an ulcer, because I know when to say "I don't give a phuk." And Riggs.

Riggs: What?

Martin: You know what that says?

Riggs: Yeah, same thing as that. But I don't give a phuk.

Special thanks to IMDB.


TJ said...

We're back, we're bad, you're black, I'm mad.

jerome said...

It would have been too obvious to say they "phuk you at the drive thru".