Monday, May 4, 2009

They said It Couldn't be Done

It's just under a month and our baby rhizomes are showing some greenage. The "hard freeze" announced by the weather predicters in early April never arrived. Since then our region of the country has had an abundance of rain with just enough sun scattered about for good measure. We are hoping that plentiful rain is the magic ingredient if only because it helps us bear the miserable weather pattern we're stuck in.

Really, after planting we have put forth very little effort on this project. All the credit goes to mother nature. We didn't even have the decency to toss in some Miracle Grow. So far it's better to be lucky than good. If mother nature turns our expirement into a couple of towering hop vines we might start recycling.


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I watched Pitchmen - it's rather disappointing.

jerome said...

and I like a good infomercial.