Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You Don't Drink the Can - You Drink the Beer

The big brewers often rely on big marketing to sell there ware. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Any company needs to promote its product. Frankly, we can admit one guilty pleasure is a good Bud Light commercial. Today, we focus on MillerCoors and their efforts to increase market share by spending $100 million (and that's just for Miller Lite) on marketing rather than product improvement. Please, just stick with the Swedish Bikini Team.

Miller Uses Hops. Yep, just like every other beer, Miller Lite uses hops. You've seen the commercials: "How does Miller Lite get all that great pilsner taste? We add the hops not once, not twice, but three times during the brewing process." How you can add hops 3 times and get zero flavor is a discussion for another day.

Cold Beer Labels. Miller Lite's equally weak cousin, Coors Light, offers a labeling system that actually tells the consumer when the beer is cold - just by looking at it. Open the fridge and check the label on your Coors Light. Don't bother wasting all that energy extending your arm into the fridge and touching the bottle. If the label is blue the beer is cold...and your wife is pregnant.

Bottle Caps Keep Air Out. The engineers at MillerCoors have for years struggled with keeping their beer fresh. Recently, they discovered "taste protector caps" that actually keeps air out and the beer in. It gives you all the protection you need, which is probably why your wife is pregnant.

Footnote: According to the Wall Street Journal, we can thank advertising companies Bogle Bartle Hegarty and Interpublic Group's DraftFCB.


rob said...

miller lite, while dreadful, cannot hold a (flickering, meager) candle to coors light in the 'weak' department. i cannot believe the good people of golden, co have so conned such a large number of americans. the lesson, as always, is that people are idiots.

more good beer for the rest of us, i guess.

TJ said...

I'm sorry, there was text in this post...I got distracted somewhere near the top.

jerome said...

TJ no read so goodly.