Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It Ain't Easy Being Green

5 Seasons Brewing of Georgia is focused on handcrafted brews available on demand (like Comcast?). They are also focused on being green and they do so by harvesting rain water for brewing. According to one report, "The brewery was already making green efforts in their production methods by reusing cooking oil from the kitchen to fire their kettles." However, this was not enough and 5 Seasons recently decided to brew only with rain water - harvested and filtered using RainHarvest Systems. The real question being is it safe to drink?

The University of Georgia Soil and Water Laboratory certified the water (we assume certification is a good thing). The local, state, and federal governments decided otherwise. Although the water goes through 6 stages of filtering, "followed by a dual-beam ultraviolet sterilization that results in water of superior quality to tap water, " the government still has questions.

Creative Loafing's Jeff Holland believes it's all about educating the bureaucrats. "The EPA wants to weigh in on (the situation)...It's a touchstone case for the future of commercially-used water, because you know this thing is going to become more and more popular. It's all about education at this point: Showing them how it works, and how it's maintained, and how it's good for the state." To which, we say - good luck buddy.

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