Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hey, This is A Family Blog

So, you will find no photographs directly attributable to the following news items. That said, they're damn good stories. The news just writes itself sometimes.

Mesa, AZ - Police in Mesa were called when a man claimed his girlfriend was damaging his windshield and rear window. The officers walked up to the door of her residence hoping to speak with her about the matter. "She answered the door naked and holding a beer, telling the cops she had just been skinny dipping." In her conversation with the police the woman explained that she did not cause any damage to the vehicle in question. She also called the police "pigs" and refused to answer any other questions. Also worth noting is that she caused the vehicle damage with a dog leash (read into that what you will).

Broome, AUS - Taking you half way around the world to Australia where a tourist was hospitalized after getting drunk and breaking into a reptile park in an attempt to ride a crocodile.  After being kicked out of a nearby pub, the gentleman entered Broome Crocodile Park and attempted to ride a 16 foot crocodile named Fatso (cue the Crocodile Dundee jokes).  Fatso shares his pen with two female crocodiles.  Sargeant Roger Haynes of the local police said "[h]e has attempted to sit on its back and the croc has taken offence to that and has spun around and bit him on the right leg."  Said Fatso after the incident: "there's only so much of Fatso to go around and two ladies livin' in my crib is trouble enough."  The intruder's name is not being released - presumably to protect him from the abject humiliation that will be brought down from friends and family.

For putting up with lame news stories we offer you this Muppet gem:


spunky frog said...

The stories are awesome, but the muppets video is money.

T.J. said...

Muppets are always a win.

jerome said...

waka waka waka